Box Office | FAQ

The box office for Robinson Performance Hall is located on the street level and open Monday-Friday  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM.


Tickets for Arkansas Symphony Orchestra (ASO) performances are sold directly through ASO.


Celebrity Attractions operates the box office in Robinson Performance Hall and handles all other ticketed events, utilizing Ticketmaster software.


ASO and Celebrity Attractions are the only two official ticket retailers for Robinson Performance Hall events.  Beware of other fraudulent ticket websites. 


Q: When do “individual show” tickets go on sale? 

A:  Most of the time, individual show tickets go on sale 4-6 weeks prior to the performance.  Some shows (i.e. The Lion King) have an earlier on sale date.

Q: When do season tickets go on sale? 

A: NOW!  New patrons interested in subscribing may go to and sign up for 17-18 season tickets.   Their order is placed in the order of which it is received. However, the tickets will not be ordered until after the renewal period for current 2016-17 subscribers. Current season-ticket holders have already received their renewal emails. Once the renewals are complete, we will place the new orders and start promoting the season to the public. This will likely be during the summer.

Q: Are season tickets more expensive/a better value than buying tickets for each show on its own? 

A: YES—and most importantly, you can get better seats and a host of other benefits. They are listed here.

Q: How much do season tickets cost?

A: Please see list for the 4 or 5 show package prices here.

Q: How much are individual show tickets?

A: Prices vary by show, location and date.  Also, individual tickets are subject to convenience charges.


Effective January 21, 2018  

Walk-through magnetometers will now be mandatory for every ticketed, live performance event at Robinson Center, Statehouse Convention Center and First Security Amphitheater. All patrons will be scanned. Expectant mothers and those with pacemakers will be screened with handheld devices.

• Only bring necessary items
• Only small bags and purses allowed (14” x 14” x 6”)
• Arrive early!

Items NOT allowed:

• Backpacks
• Bags larger than   
• More than one bag
• Weapons of any kind
• Knives of any kind
• Pepper spray/mace
• Fireworks or pyrotechnics of any kind
• Outside food and beverage
• Flasks
• Coolers
• Drugs
• Illegal substances
• Skateboards
• Rollerblades
• Bicycles
• Helmets
• Beach balls
• Frisbees
• Streamers
• Confetti
• Laptop/tablet
• Computers
• 2-way radios
• Cameras
• Laser pointers
• Flashlights
• Balloons
• Permanent markers
• Spray paint
• Noise making devices
• Audio or video recording devices (except cell phones and authorized media equipment)
• Signs/flags/banners
• Selfie sticks
• Chains
• Spikes
• Any other item that may be deemed by event organizers and/or staff as a potential safety or security threat.